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Relief Shelters & Emergency Housing

Tilley Sheds have successfully manufactured and installed over 1500 relief shelters for various government departments over the last 5 years. Our specifically designed shelters are ideal for this purpose as they are strong and robust.

They are transported in panel form and erected on site, thereby enabling us to service remote rural areas and communities. We can manufacture various configurations as well as smaller sizes with basic specifications if required.


Relief Shelter with a Gable Roof 2,8m x 6,9m 

Standard Features include :
  • Chalk coloured walls with a Green Trim
  • 4 Windows with burglar guards
  • 2,8m Partition with door
  • Colorplus Steel Framed Shutter Board Floor
  • Sliding Bolt lock

Prices On Request
Bulk orders can be modified to client specifications

Click to view installation video

Internal Partition with door 


  • Adjustable legs with Concrete Blocks
  • Gel Stove (Two Plate) with 5L Gel
  • Solar Panel - 4 LED lights
  • Extra Height
  • Water Tank 500L
  • Curtain Rails for windows

Optional extras

Click to view one of our past projects video

Water Tank 500l

concrete block with adjustable leg.jpg

Adjustable Legs on Concrete Block

Solar Panel           Gel stove                Gel Fuel

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